Apparition carries only the products that represent the best the current industry has to offer.  We carry Bones, OJ and Spitfire Wheels as well as Conspiracy.  We also  have stock shop decks that are 7 ply hard rock maple construction made in the US by a premiere company that is 100% skateboarder owned and operated.

Other boards that make a habit of keeping in stock are Creature, Real, Powell & Peralta, Santa Cruz, Pocket Pistols, Hosoi Skates and of course local Texas skate company’s like Embassy, Cockfight and Roger.

We also carry some of the best skate shoes  the industry currently has to offer.  Circa has been making skateboard shoes going on two decades and currently has an amazing team with a product that is equally significant.  We have the Gravette, the Guzman and the Ramondetta pro models as well as the top models from Fallen Footwear.  Here are some of the core companies with whom Apparition has direct accounts:

Fallen Footwear, C1RCA Combat, DVS, Dekline, Creature, Powell & Peralta, Skull SKates, Santa Cruz, Gravity,Baker, Hook Ups, Krooked, Thunder, Independent, Bones,Bones Wheels, OJ, Black Label, Protec, 187,Triple Eight,