Skateboarding has changed a lot since I have been rollin, and it seems to be at a more volatile state than ever.  My friends and I always have the discussion; how its changed, what it means now, the trends, and what it takes to actually be a pro in the year 2012.  Being in Austin, TX and being able to experience the “Texas skate scene” as a 30 something getting back into it is pretty amazing in itself, especially with the new flood of public skateparks featuring all of the pool and bowl action I was never privy to growing up skating mostly in Bama.  One cat that has caught my eye and seems to be able to re-kindle my late 80’s connection  is Killian Martin.

It’s rare to have a pro skater with such a unique style 8 years in after only really picking the board up at age 16.  I suppose we are all pretty much made up of our influences and experiences in this skateboard realm, and it is true that video can have a big impact on that.  Clearly this is an example, and it seems to be one that jabs the hell outta my stoke.  Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I started to get my swerve on in 85′ and one of the first videos I remember seeing that etched itself to the inner cranial shell of my frontal lobe was Animal Chin.  Interestingly enough a film which seems to be getting a lot of mention lately with the much anticipated documentary about the Bones Brigade.  And in this classic fashion Killian blazes his path with astounding film sequences placed with amazing backgrounds and timeless audio as in Altered Route: a Video directed by Brett Novak.

What do I like about this you ask?  I like everything about this… a pro skater 8 years in that has a style all his own, from great influences and skateboarding that is not tainted by todays current industrial mayhem… fingerflips, handstands, and footplants.  This is just food for my skate soul and seems like a really healthy meal when I find out that the meat and potatoes is coming from one of my favorite “animal farms” of the bearing: Powell & Peralta; can’t lose with a bowl of that in the morning!  Stay on the grind KM.